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Let The Work Speak for Itself

My purpose and passion is to use my self expression as a medium to empower others in Recovery. Recovery from grief, addiction, defeating self perceptions and limiting narratives. I'm a lover of freedom and my joy is finding, learning and sharing tools that help us BREAK FREE of whatever is holding us back from our fullest selves. Forever learning and teaching... Hear what others have to say! 🖤

Publishers Weekly Review

"Recovery coach Asfaw debuts with a heartbreaking account of her struggle with alcohol addiction after the deaths of her parents. Not for the faint of heart, this warts-and-all portrait of addiction is worth checking out."—Publisher's Weekly


Sober Daughter - Finalist of the Independent Author Network of the Year Award! 

The only child of a doting Ethiopian father and a strong-willed African American mother, Fawna Asfaw felt her life shatter when she lost both her parents to illness. As grief pulled her into a downward spiral of addiction and shame, Fawna had to learn to harness her power and rebuild her life with a new perspective that changed everything.

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SOF Review 

"Sober Daughter is a triumphant exploration of conquering addiction and trauma. Fawna's journey is an inspiration to anyone overcoming hardship in their life—addiction, trauma, or otherwise. Her story is a shining example of what happens when tenacity meets hope and when faith overcomes fear. Sober Daughter boldly follows the birth of addiction in a young woman eager to honor her family, to the depths of her addiction, and her ultimate self-discovery through perseverance. I highly recommend this book to anyone struggling to find a way out of their pain or looking for the strength to keep going. You will find encouragement in these pages. Fawna will undoubtedly emerge as a prominent voice in the recovery community."
―Sober As F*ck podcast

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Kirkus Review 

"Powerfully moving . . . Asfaw's voice is a triumphant one that radiates positivity and will inspire others: 'Each day as I got stronger, I saw my work as a gift instead of a burden.' A courageous, emotive, and potent account by a survivor." —Kirkus Reviews

Writer Review 

"I don't remember the last time I could not put a book down and read it cover to cover in a matter of days. Sober Daughter is a beautiful, emotional, and gripping story that is so relatable and accessible for many of us who have lost loved ones, lost ourselves, and had to re-create who we were. I really cannot say enough about how glad I am to have read this book and how inspiring it can be for anyone who has lived through dark times while not seeing a way out."
—Matthew Solomon, "The Coach for the Modern Soul," and bestselling author of Man School: Relating with Women in the #MeToo Era

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