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Recovery & Wellness Groups

Group Highlight

Creative Therapeutic Writing Group

Writing can have numerous therapeutic benefits, including stress reduction, increased self-awareness, improved mood, better communication skills, and enhanced cognitive function. Writing can also help individuals process difficult emotions, provide a sense of accomplishment, and promote overall well-being.


As a counsellor and published Author, Fawna utilizes her unique perspective in both creative writing and educational background in substance abuse disorders and mental health knowledge to create change and inspire growth in through writing. Join Fawna's writing groups and workshops to dive deep into your own personal  narrative, unlock stored pain and recreate your story!  

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Current Groups


Recovery Toolkit

Recovery Toolkit Group focuses on providing psycho-education on healthy recovery tools and strategies to build recovery capital and maintain sobriety. Clients participate in learning and practicing new skills, processing fears and roadblocks, sharing honestly, roleplaying and group feedback. Clients are asked to bring current life situations to process with group and  practice tools in real time. Clients leave armed with a wealth of tools and skills to navigate and maintain sobriety and recovery. 


Self Worth, Values & Esteem 

Self Worth, Values & Esteem Group provides psycho-education and dialogue surrounding healthy mental health aspects such as; understanding self identity, learning self-esteem, confidence building skills, practicing self acceptance, setting healthy boundaries, developing self-worth, and value alignment actions. Clients become acquainted with self introspection, self awareness and learn how to build new relationships to self.


Grief & Forgiveness

Grief and Forgiveness Group focuses on providing psycho-education on stages and challenges of grieving process while creating dialogue surrounding navigating loss. Clients learn to practice self care, self regulations skills, 6 R's of grief and self forgiveness, self care. Clients engage through processing, writing, sharing and group feedback. Clients are asked to share feelings and issues that occur in their grieving process to process to practice coping skills/leaning into support in real time. 

Group Contact

I'm always scheduling new groups and workshops. Email to join my list, so that I can update you on the next openings! 

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