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Write with Me 

As a counsellor and published Author, Fawna utilizes her unique perspective in both creative writing and educational background in substance abuse disorders and mental health knowledge to create change and inspire growth in through writing. Join Fawna's writing groups and workshops to dive deep into your own personal  narrative, unlock stored pain and recreate your story! 

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My Passion: Writing

Writing was one of the most powerful tools in understanding my recovery journey and continues to be my most impactful outlet. I've always been a writer. I find power in putting pen to paper and expressing what my spoken words could not voice at times. In working with many who struggle with addiction, the biggest feedback I've received is that writing has been the most intimate and honest way to share what is sometimes too traumatic to speak out loud. 

It is my passion to give back the tools that continuously help me heal. Whether a newbie to writing or a season writer, writing in groups with specific therapeutic assignments, help unlock what can literally change a person's life and entire perspective. 

Join one of my writing groups and share in the magic that is unlocked through creative healing!


I'm always scheduling new groups and workshops., Email to join my list so that I can update you on the next opening! 

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