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Create A Life Worth Living 



Meet Fawna

Professional Recovery Coach, Author, writer and Speaker 

Through her own backbreaking work of auditing what worked and what was holding her back from her highest purpose and joy, Fawna's life goal became to help other's find their own power and create empowered, meaningful lives in recovery. Whether in Beverly Hills or speaking to women in prison, Fawna is at home coaching, writing and building creative ways for people to recover.


Fawna dedicated studies at Loyal Marymount University's for Addiction Counseling and with renowned doctors, therapists, clinicians and mental health leaders to be able to put all her knowledge together in her new company, The Good Wrk. Meaningful and motivating coaching and workshops to help others achieve what she herself, thought was only a dream. Fawna is here to offer her experience and knowledge so that everyone can life the life of their highest good and highest joy in and out of recovery. 

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Recovery Coaching Will Help You:

Elevate Your Daily Recovery Habits and Learn New Tools

Navigate Roadblocks and Build Healthy Behaviors 

Build strong Emotional Sobriety and Community 

Enrich Your personal

 Relationships & Life

Yoga at Home

The future you want, is based on the habits you nurture today. 

“I never knew there was more to recovery than just getting and staying sober. Fawna really inspires me with her work so I can dream bigger and really dig into the life I want, the life I deserve!”

- Samantha T.

“My life looks completely different now that I've started working with Fawna. I feel more secure, connected and I've expanded my skills (which I can use everyday) to live a big sober life! 

- Will G.

“I used to get trapped in old patterns and old behaviors that really made me feel awful. And no one wants to be sober and stuck! Fawna walks me through the work in her unique, loving way and I am just so thankful I found her”

- Kenya S. 

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Reinvigorate Your Recovery & Life

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